Sissy Fun

Being a sissy isn’t always easy. Being all grown up but having Mommy Nina put you in diapers and pink dresses can be humiliating. Humiliating my adult baby is what I do best, though. And you bear it with so much grace! You enjoy making your mommy happy and dominating you does make me smile. When you are on your best behavior my heart gets warm and I want to take you in my lap and cuddle you against my breasts. If this sounds like the role play you’ve been dreaming of, give me a call. We’ll have so much fun and that what you want to do, right? Have some fun with Mommy Nina, who understands your impulse and deepest desires.



Sissy Spanks!


I would hate to think I’ve raised bABies who get into trouble with other mommies. That’s why my sissy boys know I spank-to keep them well behaved. My sissy boys have under my care for so long they know I don’t hold back. I expect them to be on perfect behavior at all times. If you’re a sissy and you’re reading this I’m certain you need some discipline. And maybe a little dirty talk to motivate you.



Sissy Training with Mommy Nina


Mommy Nina likes sissies. Right now I’m feeling the need to coddle and pamper you. I’ve got a pink ruffled dress and tonight when I take you out to show you off you’ll be riding in style in a pink stroller. It’s decked out with sparkly Swarovski crystals. Even better than that I have a pair of pink lacy panties for you to wear over your diaper. Give me a call and we’ll get the night underway. *Nina



Holly’s Favorite Sissy


I love to hear from my sissies. I get so excited my panties get wet. My favorite thing to do is to dress you up and humiliate your diaper wearing little self while all of my friends watch.If you don’t do what I tell you I’ll yank that diaper down and give you a good spanking…but if you’re good I’ve been known to get really nasty. *Wink* If you know what I mean. Give me a call and I’ll show just how good a babysitter I can be. *Holly


Sissification With Cara


People tend to think I’m blond and have a sweet face that I must be an angel. The opposite is true. I’m the devil when it comes to giving a sissy baby a hard time. I know you’re wearing a diaper and I know you like to watch me from your window. I’ve seen you stroke yourself and make a big sticky mess. You’re just a little sissy baby in a wet diaper and I know exactly what to do with you. Visit my profile at or give me a call. XOXOX Cara


Is Your Bottom Sore?


Where have all my sissy boys been? Did our last session leave your bottom sore? Your dominant Grandma Dolores misses you. Be honest, was I too much granny for you to handle? I guess that’s the nature of a sissy-they scare easily and their bums are tender. I always strive to give out the harshest punishment. We have to try to make you into a man even though we know you never will be. Oh, I think I hear my phone ringing. Sounds like the sissies might be lining up. They know I can be as naughty with them as I am strict.

Hottest Call Ever For Milf Phonesex!!

I recently had one of the hottest calls of my career! It was with an older gentleman who’s a closet sissy. He dresses up and calls me and I show him the best time you can possibly imagine. But here’s the thing. I know so much about him and his secret lifestyle that I could give him a royal fucking if I wanted to. Best of all, he knows it too. So he does whatever I want him to do and he just keeps calling for phone sex and getting in deeper and deeper. He’s so afraid of me right now that he’ll do whatever humiliating task I give him just as long as I promise not to call his wife or his boss. Oh, and he does what I say just so I’ll give him a glimpse of my perfect ass.



Sissy Phone Sex

Who’s a sissy adult baby? You are, that’s who. And it’s lucky that you found me because I’m the mommy of choice for sissy ABDLs. I have a closet for of pink, frilly dresses just for you with plastic panties to match! Oh, is that a blush, I see? You though you could keep your secret? Oh, tsk tsk. Mommy Ruby knows everything. I know you like diapers, plastic pants and dresses. I know you like to be treated like a baby. I know you like when I see your diaper and plastic pants peek out from under the back of your dress. I have the prettiest sissy diaper lovers on the block and I’d love to add you to my walking, talking, baby doll collection. Give me a call and I’ll make all of your sissy baby fantasies come true. XOXOXO

Mommy Ruby

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