Sissy Phone Sex

Who’s a sissy adult baby? You are, that’s who. And it’s lucky that you found me because I’m the mommy of choice for sissy ABDLs. I have a closet for of pink, frilly dresses just for you with plastic panties to match! Oh, is that a blush, I see? You though you could keep your secret? Oh, tsk tsk. Mommy Ruby knows everything. I know you like diapers, plastic pants and dresses. I know you like to be treated like a baby. I know you like when I see your diaper and plastic pants peek out from under the back of your dress. I have the prettiest sissy diaper lovers on the block and I’d love to add you to my walking, talking, baby doll collection. Give me a call and I’ll make all of your sissy baby fantasies come true. XOXOXO

Mommy Ruby

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